Services Offered

Lawn Care

If you want a gorgeous green lawn that will be the envy of the neighborhood call Soren's Lawn Care today. Soren's will treat your lawn with a custom blend of granular and liquid fertilizers; weed control; disease control; and insect control designed specifically for your lawn. Additionally, we also provide other necessary nutritional supplements to keep your lawn lush and healthy.

Tree and Shrub Care

Trees and shrubs are susceptible to many different types of insects and fungus that could destroy them. In response, Soren's has developed a program that will control various plant damaging insects, arachnids, and assorted fungal diseases allowing your foliage to flourish. Soren's will also apply foliar and granular fertilizers that will maintain as well as encourage new and continued growth.

Fire Ant Treatments

Are you tired of fire ants biting you, your family, or your pets? If so, then Soren's Lawn Care once-a-year fire ant treatment is the answer. And, Soren's will gladly provide free periodic follow-ups if necessary. These treatments are designed to target fire ants and their mounds and prevent them from relocating to other areas of your lawn.

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